Apache Directory Studio 1.2.0 RC1 released

iWe released a new version of Apache Directory Studio, you could download it here: http://directory.apache.org/studio

The coolest new feature is the ApacheDS plugin, kudos to Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot. I allows you to start the Apache Directory Server directly within Studio or Eclipse. If you just need an LDAP server for development reasons this is very helpful, no need to install a standalone LDAP server. It works similar to the server view in Eclipse WTP:

  1. Open the Server view
  2. Create a new server instance 1, Start the server instance
  3. Create a new connection for the LDAP Browser (right-click the Server -> LDAP Browser -> Create a Connection)
  4. Browse the server instance...

Here is a screenshot of the Server view with a server instance: